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Saturday, August 9, 2008


We have been putting a hold to the recording for a period of time, but we're getting back at it soon. And this time, with more people to help out (hopefully!)

Do continue to pray with and for us as we record the songs. It's going to be a tough road.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Stay! Vanquished! Ngeahhh!

We got together on Saturday. And Ruth came along so we could record Stay.

It went well and Ruth did an amazing job. Though we plan to re-do the guitar parts for Stay, but the Vocals we're awesome.

Initial feedback from Suit and Ben show promising results.

Praise God!


Two eggs for the morning!



Jou Sun!



Jon just woke up. See the hair.




We quickly got to work.



Working on the bridge



The work station. See the tissue. It's because of my sinus.



Ruth In action! Thank You Ruth!



We had lunch. Fried Pan Mien! And Yong Tau Fu! Nicce weih the Brinjal






We're done! =)



Now this is Christin. Jon's Churchmate and ex-schoolmate. She was with us when we were doing the one week stint. Haa. Sempat jugak ambik gambarnyer. xD

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pictures of the Day

We managed to do the electric parts. But Leonard, a perfectionist in terms of being a musician stated that he was not satisfied with the work today. He also wanted to use his own acoustic. A beautiful Farida.

But wah. Plugging it into his Boss effects, the  acoustic sounded so much better. Ahh.

Neway. Some Pics:



My living room turned into another studio.



Leonard's precious Goudin. Canadian brand.

DSC02372 DSC02373

Leonard in action. I was so busy handling the comp I forgot to take pictures of him playing.



The gear.


Hope the next days turn out well too. =) Pray for us.

Leonard to the Rescue

Leonard is my very good friend. He's been my friend for the last erm.. 11 years. He's a classically trained Guitarist and has an awesome flare for the Electric. As I type this, he's now absorbing the essence of the soon to be defeated 'Stay'. We hope to be able to cover Entangled as well. The Two tracks that we lost.

Hope to finish by 8.30pm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

So what's next?

Well, it's set. I'll be heading over to Puchong to finish off the guitar parts with Shaun and vocals on Friday with Jon. This time we WILL overcome the monster.


Longest song to record: Stay. Duration 6+1(tomorrow) days

Largest File: Candle In the Dark. 700MB

Total File Size: 3.9GB

My friend Jess Yim reminded me of something. We have to register our record with the Ministry. Copyright issues. She ah. High S and C.

edit: Shaun just called. Can't do it. It's okay Shaun. =) Thanks either way =) Means We go friday and saturday! WOOHOO!

Following the Chronicles

It's been 4 days since the last post on the recording process. Lol It has taken us that long to recuperate. The Experience was no doubt a very beautiful and wonderful one. Meeting people, producing music, recording the work of very talented people.It's just amazing.

Throughout the 6 days I was there, we definitely saw more laughter and smiles as opposed to tears. We had but one major incident during the thing and it was enough to really crush all of our spirits.

On Friday we had the longest day of the whole week. It spanned from 11.30am till 6am the next day.

It was on this day that we nailed to utter perfection two songs. Completed and tried. Sounded Awesome. Every time we nailed a riff, heard the perfect strum, you would see Shaun, Jon and Me jump for joy. Like Pow-wow people after their first hunt. Around the bondfire.


Felt like rain after a drought. A gift from God. The sound of music.


Then at 4am, After a long had day's work, we wanted to do the bass line for the songs when we discovered 'Stay' was gone. It was like the whole song just reverted back to it's old self. All the sounds we recorded. Gone. What was left was a poor experiment me and Jon tried with looping. Not the very awesome keng-chow piano progression, riff-laiden sound we had made earlier in the day.


Wah it felt like hell man.


We were all very down. we couldn't find it. We had no idea how it could have happened. Perhaps it was during a back up process. We're very sure we saved the file.


it was a very painful experience. So painful that the next morning I awoke with a pain in my heart.


But I've already mentioned part of this experience here.


Apart from that painful experience, the rest of the week was awesome. (TM)


We already had Shaun who is an amazing guitarist. Later we had Phoebe, who has the sharpest tongue on MSN, and has a voice that complements quite well with Jon's

We had an amazing time when she came on Thursday afternoon. Because later we were joined with Christin Tan, Jon's ex schoolmate and current church member.


Along with the other days which were filled with fun, misadventures and experiences.


One experience was with the view sonic  speakers was a terrible one. We had found out after some travelling that the pin for one of the speakers had broken into the socket.

So we brought it to a shot that sold second hand TV's. Jon had thought that he was an electrician. We showed him the problem

At first he said he did not know. Then he in all his splendour took a screwdriver and shoved the rest of the pin into the socket. All we needed was a pair of pliers (muncung tirus) and then can pull out de wan.


This feller summore can scold me when I exclaimed in surprise when he pushed it in. He scolded me by saying that he was only trying to help.


I give face to Jon oni. Or else I would have scolded him back and ask him for RM 8 for the money WE had to pay to get it out later.


But that aside, the entire week was a very wonderful one. Ask me to do it again? Sure will! Some shots for your feasting. We also did some videos but they are not for the fainted hearted.



Jon's mom made an apple cider drink for us on Tuesday night. Weih. Very syok weih. I also want to learn how to make. Good for the throat.




DSC02255 DSC02256

Let's record                               Listen weih. Good or not..




Jon Lyn Chu


We had Ramlee burger. Something Jon's been craving for since Sunday when we were online.




It was another day of recording. But Jon had to be away to help out in the tuition. So it was me and Shaun.


Then at 5 we had Phoebe! The first of our featured vocalists. Running through the song. Phoebe is featured in "Love You More"

It's a miracle actually because initially we were reluctant to ask her but we did. But in the end we did. It was either Tuesday night or Wednesday morning. But What a miracle because she was willing to do it! It was awesome.


We did a few takes at around 6. Christin came around 6.20ish. We decided to take a break and go for the very famous Curry Mee called Ah Lok in OUG. I tell you it's the most amazing mee and Asam laksa weih.

DSC02289-1 DSC02292

AND the Tau Fu Far! There's this truck that sells cold Tau Fu Far and they come with various flavours. Mango! Strawberry! Drool*

And especially the Tau Fu Far. Soft, Smooth, Got real flavours in there. wah Cekap weih.


DSC02291-1 DSC02290-1

RAWR! Say's Jon.                          MMmmmmm!


So anyway, after that we headed over to a local shopping mall to get some McD's ice cream. We rode in Shaun's Proton.

Trivia: All three of us drive a proton saga. Only mine is the hatchback version. The Iswara.


Bradder - brader ku.


We had to teman Christin because she broke her sandal. AFter reaching McD's we found out they were unable too sell ice cream because their sundae machine had just got out of servicing.


We then returned back around 9 to continue recording. Snippets of the night.



Shaun doing the mastering.


We ended around 11pm. Phoebe sent a message later in the night and she said that she had fun and was happy she was here.


Phoebe, we had fun too =)





More Jon

DSC02302-1 DSC02303-1

I love these guys very much. We had much fun =)



Working the whole of Friday.

DSC02312 DSC02313

We nailed it!                               The beautiful custom Ibanez


I think I'll stop my post here. It's good to leave it at a nice ending. Not that I am avoiding reality. I have already mentioned the painful parts. I'd like to end it with this sweet note. That at the end of the week. We accomplished much more that we expected. every step of the way, we knew God was there with us. Protecting us on the road, sending us the right people. We are the blessed indeed. We are His children.

To Him alone. Amen.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Updates on Recording

Now as I type this, Kee Aun and Shaun (our guitarist for the recording) are currently brainstorming on how to improve guitar parts for "The Candle in the Dark".

Things have been very interesting this week, although I have three undone assignments, which are to be handed up on this coming Tuesday, four meetings to plan for, two events to plan for... (the list continues)

This recording is happening, people. The different voices are recorded and mixed, equalized, and guess what, it sounds awesome!

So, yes, people, we will keep you updated with our current progress! Stay tuned for more! :D